Smoke Damage

Often, the worst after effect of smoke and fire damage is the smoke odor left behind. Atlas provides cleaning and deodorizing solutions to restore the value to household items. Atlas also acquires all necessary plans and permits to perform structural repair work that is required as a result of smoke damage. We are insured and bonded as required by each municipality to perform these repairs.

Cleaning Smoke Damaged Contents:

  • Cleaning of ceilings, walls, trim, windows, doors, flooring, cabinets and bathrooms to remove smoke and soot deposits
  • Deodorization with Hydroxyl Generator treatment. (link to Contents Cleaning Page)
  • Duct cleaning, power washing and sandblasting, insulation removal

Loose contents are inventoried, packed and moved to our climate-controlled facility for cleaning, restoration, and storage, until your home has been restored to its pre-loss condition.

If you've recently endured smoke damage to your home or valuables, let us know and we'll help you get your life back in order.