Contents Cleaning

To safely clean and restore any contents in your home that have been damaged, Atlas utilizes an ultrasonic cleaning system. The ultrasonic machine is a safer, cleaner, less destructive cleaning system that can effectively clean anything from electronics to valuable jewelry to porcelain dolls. To put the finishing touches on the cleaning process, Atlas uses a Hydroxyl Generator to completely eradicate lingering smells and bacteria.

Our Hydroxyl Generator allows contents to be treated on site, reducing your pack out costs. In most cases, there will be significant progress made in the effort to eliminate odors and bacteria left as a result of damage your property has incurred within the first 24 hours. Most jobs will be completed within two to four days. Hydroxyl Generators are also a 100% green technology, as they use no chemicals and no foggers.

Additional information on the cleaning capabilities of Hydroxyl Generators can be found at

Many electrical devices damaged in a fire or flood can be effectively cleaned with our Omegasonics Ultrasonic Cleaning System. Along with electronics, we can clean delicate glass, ceramics and plastics. Throughout the cleaning process, your contents are stored in vaults for safe keeping. Customers are consistently amazed by how quickly and effectively we’re able to clean their delicate, valuable possessions.

More information about the Ultrasonic Cleaning process can be found at the Omegasonics website.

Or, if you'd like to call us directly to find out what we're capable of cleaning, that works too.